Progressive Metal Stamping

Ameroll’s primary strength is progressive metal stamping. 

We have state-of-the-art progressive presses and press feed equipments. Our computer controls system allow lean manufacturing with quick and accurate set-ups.

Our progressive metal stamping, operations and steps are documented and closely monitored for consistency and superior quality.

In Ameroll, we have significant experience with progressive metal stamping and transferring in dies from our customers’ plants or from other stampers. We will make any transition smooth and seamless to help our customers save on the tooling cost.



Progressive tools combines multiple operations into one tool. A progressive die is built to allow multiple steps to be done in one pass through the press. Strips of material are advanced through the stages of the tool to produce a complete part.

Progressive tools are more expensive to produce and are usually justified through higher volumes. Progressive tools save on material handling and therefore yields the lowest per piece price for a part.