Contract Manufacturing

For 25 years, Ameroll Metal Products Co., Ltd. has been a premier contract manufacturer in precision metal stamping, sheet metal fabrications and stamped assemblies. We are dedicated to provide full service resource for all of your metal-forming needs.

Ameroll can help to solve your outsourcing and cost cutting schemes with our two and a half decades of contract manufacturing expertise! We understand what it takes to manufacture precision metal stampings and fabrications that meet your requirements for quality, delivery, and price standards.

Complete Services

Ameroll offers extensive in-house production capabilities including CNC fabricating, short to medium run stampings, part assemblies and many secondary operations such as welding, tapping, countersinking, insertion of stand-offs, nuts, spacers, clips, springs and etc… we also handle bench assembly and special packaging.

We also offer sourcing management through long-term relationships with finishing suppliers to satisfy your requirements for complete painting, plating, silk screening, heat treatment and other finishing methods.